How to Create a Fantastic Quilt Label

How to make a fantastic quilt label

A little history of quilt labels

Did you know that before I started Lily & Oak I had never made a quilt label before? What was I thinking?! Quilt labels help people remember where, when, and who made the quilt. Without a label, there is less heritage and history. Lily & Oak quilts are made by hand, with love, and in a specific place at a specific time--and that makes them special, like all handmade quilts. 

Etsy has a ton of quilt labels for sale, and I love the personalized labels on the recently launched Itty Bitty Baby Quilt kits, but it's so easy to make your own. I have a quick tutorial today about how we make our labels at Lily & Oak, and I hope it will help you create your own fantastic label personalized for your quilts!

Materials you need to create a label

Quilt label materials
  • Light colored fabric scrap
  • Permanent fabric pen or marker
  • Stabilizer (freezer paper or iron on)
  • Needle and thread

Step 1: Come up with a design

First, you need a design. This could be as simple as a list of all of the content you would like to place on the label, or it could be a fully thought out graphic design with color images and formatting. For my label, I wanted to include our name, the location it was made, the year, and some simple care instructions. You might also want to include the name of the quilt recipient, or the name of the quilt. I traced out a few different layouts and wrote the final version with my fabric marker on my scrap of fabric. Since my quilts are handmade, I wanted my label to be hand made as well.

Step 2: Cut out and stabilize your label

After my design was complete, I cut out the label about a half an inch larger than I wanted the final version to be, and cut out a scrap of stabilizer in the final size. I used iron on stabilizer and ironed it to the back of the label. Fold the extra fabric around the stabilizer and iron it to the back.

Step 3: Place and stitch your label

Follow whatever applique technique you prefer to stitch the label onto the back of your finished quilt. I like to use a blind stitch to hand applique it. Alternatively, you could machine stitch it on to the back fabric before you quilt and bind it.

Final appliqued quilt label

Enjoy your newly labeled quilt!